Make it personal
Channel4 has just launched a TV ad that addresses the viewer by name, yet new research shows that the majority of brands are failing to deliver personalised digital experiences.

Just last week, UK broadcaster Channel4 released a new advertising format that allows marketers to insert the viewer’s name into video-on-demand (VoD) commercials. 

The technology, developed by by 4Sales’ team PL4Y and Innovid, has been launched with a trailer for 20th Century Fox’s new show Alien. The ad finds out the viewer’s name by accessing their Channel4 registration data and then culminates with a chilling voiceover saying, “[INSERT VIEWER’S NAME HERE] run!” 

Increasingly, marketers are looking to harness customer data in this way to create more engaging and personalised experiences. In fact, in a recent study by Periscope By McKinsey, 95% of World Retail Conference retailers claimed that personalisation is a strategic priority for their business, with 64% considering it a top three priority.

It’s no wonder, considering that research by Jivox found personalised digital advertising can generate three times more engagement than traditional rich media. However, only 15% of Periscope’s respondents say they have fully implemented personalisation strategies. 

New research by Acquia also shows that brands are struggling in this area. The Beyond the Hype study found that 89% of brands are failing to deliver personalised digital experiences. The reasons for this are varied: 48% lack insight into the preferences or identities of visitors, 45% don’t have budget for the technology required, 34% lack support from board members and 33% don’t have the right content.

Overall, the research reveals a mismatch between businesses’ digital ambitions and their output. “The results show a startling gulf opening between leaders responsible for strategy and those tasked with executing on it. A gulf that, unless bridged, could significantly harm your results,” reads the Acquia report.