Personal shopping
In a short film, StyleScript’s Jonna Fassbender-van den Dungen explains how her image recognition and auto-tagging API is helping retailers deliver a more personalised experience.

Online shopping has its positives and its pitfalls. As well as offering unparalleled convenience, shoppers can also spend hours scrolling endlessly down product pages, and the rows and rows of virtual aisles can be overwhelming to navigate.

Trying to solve that problem is StyleScript, an API that uses computer vision to increase the efficiency of e-commerce operations, as well as deliver a better and more personalised experience for the end user. 

By automatically tagging product collections with meta data, StyleScript allows retailers to offer customers curated product recommendations, as well inspiration based on their style preferences. 

For retailers, it not only eliminates an expensive and labour intensive part of the e-commerce operation, but also gives them a more complex view of their customers.

From her home office just outside Amsterdam, StyleScript CEO Jonna Fassbender-van den Dungen explains why retailers need to look to personalisation to help consumers overcome the paradox of choice, and argues that consumers need better tools to control and manage their own data.