Weekly digest
Five pieces of knowledge or news we’ve seen around the web this week, from Wal-Mart’s moves into digital to diversifying AI.

1. A feature by Bloomberg examines US retailer Wal-Mart’s attempt to compete with Amazon and its recent acquisition of Jet.com Inc. 

2. The gig-economy will help create a future of fairer and more fulfilling work, argues the RSA in a medium post. 

3. Uber and Google have recently entered India’s turbulent food tech scene with UberEATS and Aero, respectively. Quartz considers whether the companies have what it takes to survive, given food tech’s turbulent past in the country. 

4. Melinda Gates and technology researcher Fei-Fei Li discuss AI’s diversity problem, reported by Backchannel

5. Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims that the company’s work in robotics machinery is set to make it as valuable as Apple, Fortune reports.