Weekly digest
China’s top tech-related consumer brands, Amazon’s venture into the smart-home market, and micro-influencers feature in this week’s digital roundup.

1. Amazon delves further into the smart-home market with a ‘Key’ service, allowing for in-home deliveries.

2. Forbes speaks to Gil Eyal, Founder of the influencer search and discovery directory HYPR. Eyal explains how micro-influencers have taken over social media marketing.

3. Survey by marketing consultancy Prophet reveals the increasing relevance of technology-related brands in China. Alipay, WeChat and Android are the top brands that Chinese consumers cannot live without.

4. Harvard Business Review investigates how retailers use personalised prices to test what consumers are willing to pay.

5. “Now content comes to us” — Facebook’s director of retail, e-commerce and fintech says the new era of online retail has essential product startups forgoing saturated markets and finding new audiences.