Weekly digest
This week in digital: Amazon’s AR visualiser lets you picture products in your home, while Pepsi’s new chatbot takes drinks orders at events.

1Amazon is updating its smartphone app with an AR feature that allows shoppers to visualise how products will look in their homes.

2.   Unveiled at this year’s Fashion Forward conference in Dubai, the Pepsi Bot-ler is a chatbot that allowed visitors to order drinks via Facebook Messenger.

3Salesforce’s new B2B and B2C services “harness the power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” — from myTrailhead for creating custom learning experiences, to myEinstein for predictive AI models.

4. Ikea asked 12,000 people what they want from AI. Here’s what they found.

5. Raconteur has released a special report on the future of food and beverage, exploring everything from smart packaging to the impact of AI on production and distribution.