Weekly digest
This week in digital: detergent bottles that can talk to your washing machine, frictionless returns, and the future of VR.

1. LA-based startup Happy Returns is removing the frictions of returning online purchases, by setting up ‘returns bars’ in stores and malls across the US

2. At the University of Washington, scientists have developed plastic objects that can communicate wirelessly with devices — for instance, detergent bottles that might ‘talk’ to your washing machine.

3. For the launch of the new Nike Air Jordans, Foot Locker created a compelling AR unboxing experience via Snapchat.

4. Bots are set to provide better customer service than humans in 2018, thanks to advances in machine learning, argues Wired UK

5. Adweek delves into the future of the VR industry, and whether hardware adoption will drive premium content creation — or the other way round.