Weekly digest
Amazon allows third parties to create their own virtual dash buttons, and Campari launches NFC fridge magnets for speedy spirits ordering, in this week’s digital roundup.

1. Making it easier for consumers to re-order their favourite products, Amazon has launched its Virtual Dash Button Service — a software development kit allowing third parties to add virtual dash buttons to connected devices. 

2Campari has released NFC-tagged smart fridge magnets that consumers can tap with a smartphone to order spirits via online alcohol retailer Drizly.

3. Food delivery service Deliveroo is working with restaurants across London to launch Deliveroo Editions kitchens — where food is only available for delivery. Wired UK takes a look at how these ‘dark kitchens’ will work.

4. Adweek takes a look at how organisations such as Visa and Pandora are investing in sonic branding to positively reinforce their brand identity.

5. A new report from Kantar Media compares 30 years of consumer data to identify key shifts in consumer behaviour — and what that indicates about the way we spend in the future. Marketing Week shares some of its key findings.