Weekly digest
Five pieces of knowledge or news we’ve seen around the web this week, including order tracking via Alexa and Google Assistant, peer-to-peer selling in the beauty industry, and insights from H&M’s Head of Transparency.

1. Discussing supply chain and process transparency, and the importance of industry-wide collaboration in making it happen, H&M’s Head of Transparency Nina Shariati talks to TheCurrent Innovators podcast.

2. Peer-to-peer selling is making a resurgence in the beauty industry, breathing new life into more traditional players by helping to build stronger communities of influencers, fans and followers. Glossy takes a look at what we can learn from the approach.

3. US lighting retailer Lamps Plus is opening up the channels through which shoppers can get order status updates, to include Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, reports Mobile Marketer

4. Business of Fashion takes a look at how e-commerce players are using their large and diverse data sets to improve supply chains, “from design and manufacturing to sales, marketing and customer service.” 

5. Michael Kors has launched a chatbot that educates users on the features and functionalities of its new smartwatch range.