Weekly digest
Emirates brings chatbots to banner ads, while Prada enlists a computer-generated social influencer, in this week’s roundup of digital news.

1. Helping users to find holiday destinations, Emirates Airlines has embedded a chatbot into its banner advertising — it’s led to an 87% uplift in engagement compared to traditional clickthrough ads.

2. Ahead of its Fall 18 show, luxury brand Prada is working with a computer-generated virtual influencer. Lil Miquela is promoting the collection via animated GIFs on Instagram Stories. Business of Fashion interviews Miquela here

3. As part of a partnership with Google, Oreo has launched an AR mobile scavenger hunt, creating a physical brand experience where players find clues in everyday objects.

4. Writing for Wired, Stanford University’s professor of communication Jeremy Bailenson explores the key to creating empathy via VR technology

5. Brand Channel breaks down how Facebook Messenger is improving customer experience through some of its newest features.