Weekly digest
PepsiCo’s ecommerce-only drinks brand, a VR shopping app from Hershey and the Internet of Eyes and Ears — find out more in this week’s roundup of digital news and views.

1. As it seeks to push innovation and react faster to consumer trends, PepsiCo has launched an ecommerce-only drinks brand called Drinkify, which will aim to operate with a startup culture.

2. To help the US retailer enhance the shopping experience, and better personalise its communications with customers, Nordstrom has acquired digital startups BevyUp and MessageYes.

3. Chocolate brand Hershey is testing a VR shopping app, in partnership with convenience retailer goPuff.

4. “Facial recognition, image recognition, gesture recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing and emotion recognition” — JWT Intelligence investigates the Internet of Eyes and Ears trend, where everyday objects take on sensory intelligence.

5. At SXSW this year, fashion brand Kate Spade revealed how social media, entertainment-driven content and a ‘video-first mindset’ has transformed the way it engages with its online fan base. The Drum shares key insights