Weekly digest
Our roundup this week explores shoppable AR from AmEx, hyper-realistic digital humans, and new innovations in drones and delivery.

1. At this year’s Coachella festival, visitors can try out shoppable AR from American Express, browsing and buying merchandise by scanning their surroundings with their smartphones. 

2Domino’s is enabling its customers to deliver to over 150,000 Hotspots — locations without traditional addresses, from parks to beaches.

3. Online design magazine Dezeen has released a new documentary on drones — Elevation explores how drones could transform the way we live, looking at its impact on everything from delivery and surveillance to architecture.  

4. Blurring the line between real life and virtual reality, Siren is a “hyper-realistic digital human” from computer vision company Cubic Motion. 

5Researchers at MIT have developed a “mind-reading” wearable device called AlterEgo, which can read a user’s non-verbal prompts.