Weekly digest
In this week’s digital roundup, Google unveils Google Duplex — a next-level AI assistant — while Instagram integrates in-app payments, and Lush Cosmetics invites customers into its R&D process.

1. Walmart’s relaunched website seeks to bring the best aspects of its physical stores — including local recommendations and warm customer service — to the web. Fast Co Design takes a closer look.

2. This week’s Google I/O conference saw the unveiling of Google Duplex, a version of its AI assistant that can make phone calls and mimic a real human, to place orders and make reservations on behalf of its user.

3. Lush Cosmetics is inviting its passionate online community to be part of the R&D process for new and innovative products, with the launch of its new #LushLabs initiative.

4. Further embedding itself into the social commerce space, Instagram has introduced a native payments feature to its app, so that users can buy products directly from the platform. 

5. The Glossy podcast chats to Lucy Yeomans, global content director of Net-a-Porter, about how the company brings together content and commerce to foster loyalty among its customer base.