Weekly digest
In this week’s digital roundup, Amazon lets shoppers watch their packages get delivered in real time, while Hyundai announces plans to introduce in-vehicle payments.

1. While digital continues to be a strong channel for the lifestyle retailer, Urban Outfitters has launched a third-party marketplace and is experimenting with self-checkout.

2. Amazon is rolling out its ‘Amazon Map Tracker’ for all users, which enables shoppers to watch their package get delivered in real time.

3. After partnering with marketing personalisation company Qubit, skincare brand Juice Beauty has boosted its mobile conversions 2.7x and revenue per visitor by 41%.

4. Techradar explores Deloitte’s recent report that claims Blockchain will “revolutionise retail”, and predicts that suppliers and vendors alike could all benefit from embracing the software platform.

5. In a partnership with Xevo, Hyundai has announced its plans to introduce in-vehicle payments to its customers using their car’s infotainment screen.