Weekly digest
From Kroger’s self-driving grocery deliveries to the introduction of ‘Shopfiction’, we round up five pieces of digital news to have caught our eye this week.

1. Taking Google a step closer to its goal of adding 22 new languages to its voice assistant by the end of the year, Google Home devices are now all fluent in Spanish.

2. Working with autonomous vehicle startup Nuro, Kroger — the largest supermarket chain in the US — will be testing self-driving grocery delivery later this year.

3. Trademarked as ‘Shopfiction’, author Riley Costello has developed a way to sell the clothing and home goods described in the text of her latest book with shoppable photos.

4. Digiday takes a look at how the introduction of 5G will radically improve digital advertising, allowing for higher quality visual content and more opportunities for personalisation.

5. Snapchat is building a visual product search feature, codenamed “Eagle,” that delivers users to Amazon’s listings.