Zx Stories: Brian Reece
At the time Global Director of Data Strategy, Brian sheds demystifying light on getting hold of data and working with it so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Brian explains how eCommerce has blazed the trail in understanding how to use data in real time to better meet consumer needs. When bringing through value, making data feel inviting and accessible is the ongoing challenge. Butas he explains, “If you give people a really good data set, they just become a really good analyst. There’s no learning curve, they just dive right in and the world opens up, you just have question after question.” 

So breaking it down, making eCommerce feel real and relevant to live contexts is the key. “As soon as you open that floodgate, it’s just game on.”, emphasises Brian.

In our short film interview, Brian talks about getting buy in, avoiding bias, and the danger of silos when it comes to creating effective digital workplaces. Cohesive teams, we learn, lead to cohesive customer experiences.