Sharing Learnings in Digital Commerce —
here online, and out there in person
The ZX.YCN programme will combine events, films and broader context to air and share learnings around the future of digital commerce.

ZX.YCN is a partnership between YCN and ZX Ventures — a global group of designers, technologists and marketers backed by Anheuser-Busch InBev to examine the digital commerce opportunities of tomorrow.

Launched at the Institute of Contemporary Arts on the 6th of SeptemberZX.YCN will set out to fuel, facilitate and further that goal. 

We’re doing this by curating a network of forward thinking professionals from around the world, and creating contexts for them to connect remotely and in person — opportunities to air, share and apply collective learnings around the ideas, technologies and consumer behaviours that are driving successful online businesses in 2016 and beyond.

YCN was born from the belief that positive change comes when like-minded people connect and share. Connecting with a partner so rich in expertise and ambition like ZX Ventures presents us with the opportunity to further this belief in relation to one of the most relevant topics of today.

Our London Launch Event at the ICA